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A Synopsis of SBOBet

Driven by the desire to simultaneously earn profit and make gambling folks enjoy the most out of the bookmaking industry, SBOBet was incorporated in 2004 by its parent company, the Celton Manx Ltd .

SBOBet hurled its way to become one of the top bookmakers in Asia and Europe when it was awarded with two consecutive Asian Operator of the Year recognitions in 2009 and 2010. A holder of two major and separate licenses in Asia and Europe, it operates as one of the key players in the international bookmaking scene, offering  betting games on all major sports in multiple dialects.

This bookmaking chain provides more or less 550 sporting events each week, expansively handling all primary international sports events, most especially, football.

As such, SBOBET sponsored West Ham United up to 2012 and 2013 seasons. They also sponsored Cardiff City  for 2010 and 2011 seasons.


SBOBet’s Betting Odds and Promotions

Lo and behold punters! SBOBET’s latest promotional bonus offer is an exciting 15% of the first deposit   with a ceiling value of SGD$ 400 or its equal amount in other currencies worldwide. This may seem a low percentage at first glance but actually, it is already quite a huge amount, in fact, so big, for the “large betters.”

SBOBet provides an extensive variety of sporting events that all punters may be able to bet on. It is good to note, however, that amid the effort of the bookies to offer an all-encompassing sporting events, there are limitations in the range of their available events— meaning, not all sporting events are accessible for betting at the same time. Rest assured that these sporting events become available rotationally but frequently.

Players are given authority to alter the kind of odds that they want to use in the betting page. These changes are based on preferential settings for definite betting industry. The most common kinds of odds that are utilized are Chinese, British, Malaysian and Indonesian. The bookies also make available statistical data that corresponds to events, pegged as citations during the actual betting process.


SBOBet’s Asian Handicap Betting Feature

Originally an Asian brainchild, this bookmaker specifically handcrafted a mind-blowing Asian Handicap Betting flair for the Asian market, including of course, the panoramic city of Singapore. This particular feature in the bookmaking site adds excitement and enthusiasm to the standard hard and fast odds betting, meaning, the Asian handicap feature eliminates the likelihood of a “draw” between or among competing punters. The bookmaking company also offers the most cutthroat priced odds amid the key sporting bookmakers in the world.

Every time a gambling aficionado places his bet, the lowest and highest betting sum for the specific event is revealed at the base part of the ticket bet. As soon as the member signs up an account to check this particular feature, he or she will come to realize that the bookies’ thresholds are far above the ground for UK standards.


SBOBet’s Live Betting Feature

Sbobet`s live betting feature is reliable and unarguably competitive among its contemporaries. Although not the top seed in its class, the feel of the feature is certainly more than meets the eye for any betting customer out in here. Even if the volume of live events is not that extensively great, the available live events offer more than enough satisfaction and thrill— added to the fact, of course, that the software which this bookie uses is reliable and secure. Dynamism and convenience are rolled into one, giving any punter the game of his life each and every time.

Sporting events are tagged with a blinking "Live" mark in the sporting event menu. Alongside with it is a blinking sporting event icon in the market array. SBOBets live events are emphasized in the page where the odds are displayed, in a flashy red backdrop. If a player places his or her wager on live events, such wager is acknowledged right away. During the processing of the request, the live wager is categorized in the “waiting” status.


Final Ruling: 10/10 Stars For SBOBET

Remarkable betting experiences come in great packages. To be honest, SBOBet, although has still some of room for improvement, it is undeniably an avenue for great gaming. It is accessible, user-friendly, easy-navigated and secure bookmaking site.

The Asian handicap feature is a fresh innovation that caters to specific Asian markets without genuinely discarding other supporting nations worldwide. With no real inadequacy and defectiveness, Sbobet is definitely among the best online bookies that intend to lead the sports betting industry soon enough.

This bookie is certainly a fierce competitor in the industry. Kudos to the great gaming SBOBet!


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